Info Token (INFO)

A description of what the token is and does.

The Info Token (INFO) is the native token on Kardia info, it is decentralised, deflationary and backed by its many use cases. It can be thought of as a combination of Chainlink, CMC, Yieldwatch, Poocoin,, cointool, and much more all in one place. In essence Kardia info is a 'all-in-one' decentralised kardiachain toolkit made to benfit the holders of every project in the ecosystem. The token thereby is used for essentially every blockchain feature that Kardia info has to offer such as:

  • Playing or staking within the Info Game.

  • Farming in our Deflationary liquidity farm (different to a normal farm).

  • Paying for the Info Oracle - something blockchain devs will find useful.

  • Paying for promotion through our telegram bot or landing page.

  • Paying for features in our Defi toolkit.

Owning the Info Token will almost always lead to you making making money because all of the features on the platform are geared towards increasing the demand of the token while also reducing its supply, this process will be described in greater detail below.

As you might have realised, the Info Token is a great investment in both the short-term and the long-term, Let's take a look at what it has to offer from a 'numbers' point of view

INFO Information

  • Name: Info Token

  • Ticker: INFO

  • Initial (and max) supply: 1,000,000 (but will be burned consistently to reduce the supply).

  • Decimals: 18

Initial Distribution:

  • 500,000 INFO - For the ICO on the 27 October (Price will be determined by market forces).

  • 120,000 INFO - To the development team vested over 12 months.

  • 100,000 INFO - initial liquidity on kaidex.

  • 100,000 INFO - Initial rewards for the Info farm.

  • 100,000 INFO - Reserve for the Info Game.

  • 60,000 INFO - Reserve for emergencies/additional features or games.

  • 20,000 INFO - Airdrop liquidity.

The real amount of tokens in Circulation at the start will only be 620,000 which comes from the ICO as well as the Initial Liquidity + the airdrop, the rest of the tokens will either be vested or reserved for features, meaning that INFO will be constantly reducing in supply and (hopefully) increasing in price. During this time investors can use their INFO for the 3 different investment strategies that come with it, be it the less risky, Info Farm, The slightly more risky staking in the Info Game or the riskiest, playing the Info game. Each of these have their benefits and drawbacks and benefit different categories of investors.

After the launch each of the features will ensure a constant reduction in the supply of the token. But why is the reduction of supply good? Well, this is due to basic microeconomic theory which states that a reduction in supply assuming Ceteris paribus will cause an increase in price. This can be demonstrated with the diagram below.

Here we can see that due to the shift inwards in the supply curve, the price increased from P to P1 meaning that if you held the token during this reduction in supply, you would have made a nice profit.

Ultimately the Info Token be a great addition to your portfolio especially if you stake it in the Info Farm or contribute it to the Info Game.

How you can use the Info Token after the ICO

After the ICO you can use INFO in different ways depending on who you are. If you are a holder, you can stake it in the Deflationary Info Farm, If you are a gamer you can bet some INFO tokens in our Game, if you are a project owner you can use INFO to advertise on, If you are a developer, you can use INFO for getting access to the Info Oracle - our on-chain version of the API.

Ultimately by investing into the INFO token you have a very high probability of making a profit so you should definitely consider buying some for both the short or the long term.

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