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The KardiaInfo telegram bot provides a quick and easy way to access basic summaries of all the individual tokens and LP tokens on Kardiachain. It updates itself automatically to include all the latest tokens as soon as they are added. Its username is @Kardia_info_bot. Make sure the username is correct because fake bots with similar usernames exist. It supports private messaging as well as group chats. If being used in a group chat, make sure the bot is an admin in order to achieve full functionality.

In order to avoid getting spammed, the bot utilizes a rate limiter which allows each user to request a maximum of 2 charts per 10 seconds, 3 charts per minute, and 10 charts per hour. This should be more than enough for any regular user. ## Command breakdown

You can easily access a full description of all the supported commands using the /help command. But for reference, the commands are as follows:

  • /menu or /start/- show the main menu

  • /price or /symbol - the price and chart of the specified token. E.g. /price beco

  • /list or /info - get a list of the top ten KRC tokens by tvl /help - a breakdown of all the bot commands

  • /now or /summary - show the price summary for the top ten KRC tokens

  • /lps - show the available LP pairs on kaidex

  • To show the chart for a token, just find the token in the menu or send a message with the token name as a single word. Try it, type in kai . For this option, casing doesn't matter. For example, typing Kai, KAI, kai, kAi etc. should all yield the same result.

  • /address, /a - show address for the specified token. E.g. /a info

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