🚜Info Farm

The "Gateway" to kardia info

What is the Info Farm?

The Info Farm is the first ever deflationary yield farm which serves three functions within Kardia info.

  1. To incentivise the provision of liquidity to INFO.

  2. To reward long-term holders with additional INFO and deflation.

  3. To provide access to further features on kardiainfo.com.

How to stake in the Info Farm?

  1. Go to kaidex.io and buy some KAI and INFO in a 50/50 ratio

  2. Press approve and stake the LP tokens

  3. When you receive fINFO, you can swap it back for INFO and stake it in the clubhouse kardiainfo.com/club

Where do the rewards in the Farm come from?

The Info Farm is a means to share website profits with the investors, when the website generates Profit, it goes to buying back INFO, burning it, and then giving it to stakers in the clubhouse and the farm.

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