Ways to make money

A description of how you can make money with INFO.

Kardia info will offer several investment opportunities for people with different risk profiles ranging from relatively safe to risky. Let's take a look at how the different strategies work and choose the prfect one for you:

🔴 If you have a high risk tolerance

There are two main ways how a person with a high risk tolerance can make money with INFO. both of these strategies have a very high risk but also have the potential to bring a very high reward.

Speculation on the exchange

This is where on kaidex.io, you buy and sell INFO in hopes that your USD will increase, this is very risky however as it relies on you to effectively guess when the price will go up or down and if you are wrong, it could have negative consequences.

Playing the Info Game

This is a very high risk and high reward strategy, essentially you either multiply your investment in a matter of seconds or lose everything, however if you are impatient and only betting the amount of money you can afford to lose, this could be a great thing as you will end up way richer.

🟡 If you have a medium risk tolerance

This strategy has a lower risk level however is not buletproof and could result in losses in the short-term.

Staking in the Info Game

If you stake in the Info Game you are effectively becoming a shareholder of a casino, your INFO will be used to pay out the rewards, while all the losses will go to you. Mathematically speaking, you have a 55% chance to win every time someone plays which means that in the long run - i.e. thousands of games you will always walk away with a profit. In the short-term however, if the players are very lucky, they could win and cause you to lose precious INFO, but again in the long run you are mathematically guaranteed to make a profit - making this investment a medium risk.

🟢 If you have a low risk tolerance

These strategies could bring you a nice long-term profit as long as you are ready to commit.

Staking LPs in the Deflationary Info Farm

While in the game, as a staker you have a chance to lose, the Info Farm will consistently be bringing you rewards in the form of profits generated by the Kardia info Platform. The great thing about this farm is that it does not create new INFO but rather burns them meaning that over time the supply of INFO will reduce, as a staker however, your stash of INFO will increase meaning that you will benefit from both the incresed prices and having more INFO, making this strategy less risky than the other ones.

Holding INFO

In the long run INFO has a very high probability of going up as it is deflationary which means that if you are prepared to hold for some time, you will end up making money (this is the strategy the devs will use to become rich 🤑).

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