🎲Info Game

A description of the Info Game and how it works.

The Info Game is one of the best use cases for the Info Token as it provides users with the ability to both multiply their INFO or KAI by 4750 times. Let's begin with the rules of the game and what it's like.

Player perspective

The game offers a set of controls to allow the player to attempt to multiply their Info Tokens. It is meant to benefit those who need cash fast and don't want to wait too long for gains and therefore are up for the risk associated with random number generator games. Speaking of random number generation, the game is built on top of kardia info's smart contract random number generator which looks like this:

 uint16 ran = uint16(uint256(keccak256(abi.encode(blockhash(block.number-1),gasleft(),block.timestamp, msg.sender, wagered, id, lo, hi)))%9999+1);

It takes in information about the block as well as some additional variables and generates a totally random number every time. The random number ranges from 1 to 10000, and your goal is to predict whether this random number will land higher or lower than the range of numbers provided to you by the game. These two numbers are calculated based on how much you want to multiply your INFO by. For example:

If you selected to multiply your INFO by 2 times, the numbers will be 4750 and 5250. your goal is to predict whether the random number will land higher than 5250 or lower than 4750. If you guess correctly, your INFO will be doubled, however if you lose, the INFO will be deducted from your balance.

So let's now move on to an example of a game:

  • The player sets the multiplier to 4x which makes the numbers 7625 and 2375.

  • He want's to bet 10 INFO and he thinks the number will be higher than 7625.

  • The smart contract generates a random number - 8091.

  • As 8091 > 7625, the player wins and receives 40 INFO.

The multiplier can be set anywhere between x1.1 and x4750 and the higher the multiplier the lower the probability to win, however at a high multiplier, the game could return insane gains so it could be worth trying.

Please note that it is possible to play the game with both KAI and INFO and if the game generates profit, it will go to the stakers.

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