ICO Information

Information about how the ICO will go and how to participate.

What is an ICO and why is it useful?

An ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is way for a new cryptocurrency project to raise capital. This capital is extremely useful as it allows the project to continue developing and reaching heights never reached before. In exchange for this capital, the project provides the investors with its tokens (shares in the project) which could multiply many times in value once the project has been fully developed.

Kardia info will follow a similar path in that we will launch a cryptocurrency and then start adding features that will make it the most valuable asset in the ecosystem. It should be noted that as of the time of the ICO Kardia info already has made several achievements such as creating a price bot that is widely used in many KardaChain related group chats across Telegram. So by investing in Kardia info you are effectively becoming a part of the project and funding inredible new features that will cause the tokens you hold to go to the moon. You can muliply this effect by using some of our web3 features such as the deflationary farm or the game by which your stash of INFO will increase making you richer.

The Kardia info ICO will begin on the 27th of October and will last for 1 week. During this period everyone can contribute as much KAI as they like where the more KAI you contribute, the more INFO you receive. The total number of INFO you receive will depend on your proportion of the total deposited amount and can be calculated with this formula:

There are no limits to how much KAI you can deposit and the ICO will last for 1 week to ensure that everyone has time to participate - no form filling or whitelisting is necessary. After the week has passed, you will instantly receive your INFO tokens and you can use it as you please. 100,000 INFO will be put down for initial liquidity at a minimum price of 0.5usd per INFO meaning that ICO buyers will benefit greatly from buying INFO early. During the ICO, the price will be calculated in KAI by using this formula:

This way we can ensure that the price level is determined by supply and demand, and will allow for a great trading experience with a lot of liquidity.

ICO Metrics

Minimum to be Raised: $25,000 USD in KAI, but we could raise more as the ICO has no limit.

Maximum to be raised: $Infinity, This is because the ICO has no limits so anyone can buy as much as they want.

Tokens to be sold: 500,000 INFO (50% of initial INFO total supply)

Price per token: Determined by market forces

How to participate?

Step by step instructions:

  1. Buy KAI on KuCoin.

  2. Download the KardiaChain wallet extention.

  3. Send KAI from KuCoin to the wallet.

  4. Go to the ICO page on Kardia info kardiainfo.com/ico.

  5. Buy INFO using KAI in the ICO.

  6. Wait until the ICO is over.

  7. Use INFO to play, stake, develop, advertise or trade.

  8. And while you are at it join our Telegram for updates.

Will you make money by buying INFO during the ICO?

It kind of depends, the short answer is yes, because the Token is great and will most likely increase in price. However it is very much dependant on the state of the KAI ecosystem because while we can guarantee that the features we offer will have a positive effect on the price, general market sentiment could cause the price to go down. Yet you should definitely buy it because the limit with INFO is the galaxy GN-z11 [the furthest discovered galaxy] not the moon and we will work hard on trying to ensure that the price goes up and stays high for ever to make anyone holding INFO rich.

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