💰Wallet Dashboard (v1)

Version 1 of the Wallet dashboard.

You might have noticed that when investing in tokens in DeFi, it can become difficult to keep track of the dollar value of all your assets. This is because there is no ‘go-to’ place for this type of task. Currently, the only way to find out how much money you have in your KardiaChain wallet is by manually going through each token/farm and adding the dollar amount one by one.

This is extremely inefficient especially when the blockchain holds all those records and can be used to determine not only the assets you have saved in your wallet, but also the liquidity you have staked and the projected returns on all your farms (given that nothing changes).

The wallet dashboard will also provide an in-depth PnL analysis including a graph of the balance of your wallet over time. Of course these features will be quite difficult to implement as they require the gathering and compiling of vast amounts of data, but with each additional piece of information that Kardia info provides, the info token becomes more valuable as it becomes harder to use KardiaChain without it. To better illustrate this point, this feature can be described as an improved version of YieldWatch for KardiaChain.

In v1 of the wallet dashboard, you can view the USD value by typing in your wallet into the input box on kardiainfo.com/wallet. With v2 you will be able to connect your wallet directly to the dApp and view all your assets including Yield Farm staking balances.

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