A description of what the clubhouse works

What is the Info Clubhouse?

You may think of the clubhouse as merely a staking pool where you stake INFO to earn more INFO. However, as INFO is deflationary in its nature, meaning that the supply of INFO constantly decreases. The clubhouse has some interesting mechanics to ensure that there are always rewards for the stakers. The purpose of the Clubhouse is to reward INFO holders with a portion of the revenue generated by Kardia info through different means such as the Info Game / the Decentralised oracle / Advertising.

How does the Clubhouse work?

When you stake INFO in the clubhouse, you will start receiving "Club INFO [ cINFO ]". cINFO is inflationary, meaning that there will be more and more cINFO as time progresses. What this means is that the more cINFO is swapped for INFO, the less INFO will remain in the swap pool, decreasing cINFOs price. However, when the website generates revenue - it will go towards increasing the supply of INFO in the swap pool and therefore increasing the rate of cINFO.

Let's run through an example so that it is easier to understand the mechanics.

  • An INFO holder stakes 1000 INFO when there are 9000 INFO already staked meaning that the holder will receive 10% of the rewards or 84.6 cINFO per day.

  • In a day, the holder claims the rewards, 84.6 cINFO appear in their wallet.

  • The Holder decides to swap the cINFO for INFO. the current rate is 0.5 cINFO per INFO, so after swapping, the holder receives 42.3 INFO.

  • Later that day, the website generates 10000 INFO in revenue through the Info Game and deposits them into the swap pool, the price of cINFO increases to 0.6 INFO

  • On the next day, the holder claims the rewards again and swaps them for INFO, now receiving 50.76 INFO.

  • The holder decides to unstake their 1000 INFO and pays a 1% unstaking tax, meaning that instead of receiving 1000 INFO, they received 990 INFO. However as the rewards far outweighed this tax, the holder ended up happy.

This allows the website to share some revenue with the stakers without having a negative impact on the price of INFO.

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