🍻LPs Dashboard

A description of the LPs section on the website.

The LP Dashboard is available through kardiainfo.com/lps

Liquidity is a fundamental concept in the DeFi space. The term refers to how easily one asset can be converted to another without causing a drastic change in the asset's price.

Liquidity provider tokens or LP tokens are tokens issued to liquidity providers on a decentralized exchange (DEX).

LP tokens are used to track individual contributions to the overall liquidity pool, as LP tokens held correspond proportionally to the share of liquidity in the overall pool.

Yield Farm platforms such as BecoSwap reward you for providing liquidity and staking it on their platform. However once the liquidity has been added, it can become difficult to track of how much it is worth. Kardia info's LP Dashboard feature allows you to keep track of the LP tokens' prices to ensure that you always know how much liquidity in USD you are providing.

Apart from the price you can also keep track the Value Locked in your liquidity pair to ensure that there is always enough to sell your tokens if you so desire.

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