๐Ÿ”ฎInfo Oracle

The first version of kardia info's oracle

A website is usually split into two parts - the Frontend and the Backend. The โ€˜Frontendโ€™ refers to what is seen by users on the page (text, images, numbers etc...). Whereas, the โ€˜Backendโ€™ refers to the functionality that, first, stores this data and, second, sends it to the Frontend to be displayed whenever it is requested. A representation of the website from these two different perspectives can be seen below.



api.kardiainfo.com is the Backend service for Kardia info, it takes information from the different apis provided by KardiaChain and compiles it into a single, simple-to-read file that can later be used to create beautiful Frontend applications (such as kardiainfo.com). The reason why using a custom API is so advantageous is that it is much faster than extracting data directly from the blockchain. This allows the site to load at the lightning-fast speed of but milliseconds.

The noticeable difference in loading speed, and therefore general ease of use, can be seen in a comparison between the graph loading times of kaidex.io and kardiainfo.com. While on Kardia info this process is almost instant, kaidex will make a user wait a few seconds for the graphs to load. In addition to the speed, the api stores all the prices in US Dollars, which makes the usersโ€™ lives easier through reducing the amount of unnecessary currency conversions they have to make in order to calculate the prices, ultimately saving even more time.

A further feature of the Kardia info api, is that it is possible for it to be used to gain quick access to data that would have otherwise been difficult to find, for example, the USD prices of LP tokens. To summarise, the Kardia info API is the quickest way to get KardiaChain data for programmers in the same way how Kardia info the quickest way to get KardiaChain data for normal users.

Kardia info will release a v2 of the Oracle API which will retrieve and store data directly from and to the blockchain allowing for faster data updates as well as the possibility to use it directly from within smart contracts.

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