How to buy?

How to buy the Info Token ( INFO )

Background Information

INFO is a KRC20 token. KRC20 means that it is located on the KardiaChain network. KardiaChain (KAI) is like BSC but with way lower fees making it a great blockchain for INFO. INFO is the 'Chainlink' for KAI and that's where it gets its value. It is currently listed on the exchange, the best DEX on the KardiaChain network.

Step-by-step instructions

  1. Make an account or log on to - This is the exchange where you can buy KAI to later buy INFO.

  2. Send some USDT to KuCoin, it does not requre KYC, so the process is very smooth.

  3. Download the KardiaChain Wallet Extension / App (Android), (IOS).

  4. Transfer the KAI to your wallet, make sure to store your seed phrase in a safe space and do not give it to anyone.

  5. If you are using the App, go to the 'KAI Dex' section, find INFO and press Buy. If you are using the browser - navigate to: and buy.

  6. To add INFO to your wallet you can use the following address - 0x5FFD7a138422cBbcfB53908AD51F656D7C6c640F

What to do with INFO?

Once you bought INFO, You can use it to stake, farm or play the betting game on

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